Your Paperless bambooh® Welcome Pack

Welcome to the bambooh Story.


On behalf of everyone at bambooh Early Years Academies, we’d like to extend a heartfelt welcome to you and your child. We’re thrilled to have you join this early years journey with us!

Our story began in 1985, fuelled by a passion for nurturing young minds. From our humble beginnings in South Africa to our vibrant communities in Oxfordshire, our core values remain the same – providing exceptional early years education that empowers children to thrive.

We’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of quality education and dedicated educators, and we’re committed to replicating that success here at bambooh. We understand the significance of this stage in your child’s development, and we take our role in shaping their “all years” very seriously.

Thank you for entrusting us with your precious child. We look forward to welcoming you both to the bambooh family and creating a nurturing, stimulating environment where your child can blossom and learn!

Warmest bambooh regards,

Trudi, Milé, Sacha and Petré – Owners of bambooh Early Years Academies

Settling in at bambooh 

We understand that starting academy can be a big step for both children and parents. At bambooh, we’re committed to making this transition as smooth and comfortable as possible.

That’s why we’ve developed a gentle settling-in process designed to help your child feel secure, happy, and excited to explore their new learning environment, and home away from home.

Gradual Introduction:

Your child’s journey at bambooh will begin with two days introductory visits which you will need to book in advance through your Famly app. Our settling in sessions are between 09:15 to 11:15 and you’re welcome to stay alongside your child, allowing them to become familiar with the friendly faces of our staff, the stimulating play areas, and the daily routines. This gradual approach allows your child to build confidence and trust at their own pace.

Dedicated Key Worker:

Each new arrival at bambooh is assigned a dedicated key worker. This special team member will act as your child’s primary caregiver, providing them with a consistent point of contact and a source of comfort during their settling-in period. Your key worker will work closely with you to understand your child’s individual needs and preferences, ensuring a smooth transition into the nursery routine.

Open Communication and Collaboration:

We believe in open and honest communication. Our staff will keep you informed about your child’s day-to-day experiences through updates on Famly. We also encourage open communication from you. Feel free to share any questions or concerns you may have – we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Positive Reinforcement and a Familiar Touch:

At bambooh, we celebrate every milestone and achievement, no matter how small. Our staff will shower your child with positive reinforcement as they explore, play, and learn. We also understand the importance of comfort items from home. Your child is welcome to bring a favourite toy or blanket to provide a sense of security during this transition.

By prioritising a gentle and personalised settling-in process, we aim to create a warm and welcoming environment where your child feels confident to blossom and thrive at their home away from home, bambooh.

Cute photo of a small child taking big steps towards meeting their early years developmental milestones

What to Pack and Prepare

To ensure your child has a comfortable and enjoyable first day at bambooh, here’s a quick checklist of essentials to pack:

Light special snack form home:

Sending you child to bambooh with a snack from home will help associate bambooh with your child’s known environment. Please ensure snacks are healthy and avoiding nuts and ultra processed products.

Labeled Clothing:

Please dress your child in comfortable clothes that allow for easy movement during playtime and exploration. *Labelling all clothing helps ensure items find their way back home.

Spare Clothes:

Accidents happen, especially during messy play and toilet training! Pack an extra set of clothes, including a full change of underwear, trousers/leggings, and a top, in a labeled bag.

Nappies/Wipes (if applicable):

If your child is not yet potty trained, please bring a sufficient supply of nappies and wipes for the day. Labelling these as well helps avoid any confusion.

Comfort Item:

Familiar objects from home can provide a sense of security and comfort during this transition. A favourite teddy bear, cuddly blanket, or small toy can be a great source of solace for your child.

Named Water Bottle:

Staying hydrated is very important throughout the day. Please pack a named, refillable water bottle to ensure your child has easy access to water during playtime and snack times.

A ‘Hold on for me’ Item:

For children with a strong attachment and difficulty to leave mum or dad, pick an appropriate item that they know belong to you and ask them to hang on to it because you will need it when you come back to fetch them.

We recommend packing everything in a labeled bag that your child can easily carry (with a little help!). By providing these essentials, you’ll help your child feel prepared and ready to explore the exciting world of bambooh!

An adorable child with a backpack, ready for nursery.

Your Child’s bambooh Day

08:00 | Arrival (*Bicester 07:30)

A warm welcome baack for a whole new day of play. Children arriving before 09:00 will enjoy freeplay with access to stimulating activities laid out before arrival.

Children who would like to eat breakfast will join the designated member of the team during this time.

09:00 | Circle Time

With everyone in and settled the age groups join their key person to start the morning session of adult led play and development. 

During Circle Time we discuss the Weather, celebrate Birthdays, discuss British Values and sing songs and recite rhymes.

9:20 | Refreshments

To finish off Circle Time we hydrate and enjoy a light snack to ensure our brains have all the calories and water it needs to take on the play ahead.

9:30 | Play Rotation and EYFS

Continuing our morning adult led play and development, our children rotate between the four specialised areas of development where they get the opportunity to learn and play with every team member at their setting:

    • Mental Play
    • Creative Play
    • Social Play
    • Physical Play

The EYFS Curriculum at bambooh

We believe that children learn best through play! That’s why we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, a nationally recognised approach to early childhood education in England set out by the Department for Education.

The EYFS focuses on creating a stimulating and nurturing environment where children can explore, discover, and develop their skills at their own pace. Here’s a breakdown of what the EYFS curriculum means for your child’s day at bambooh:

    • Learning Through Fun Activities: Our curriculum is packed with engaging and age-appropriate activities that spark curiosity and encourage exploration. This might include messy play, story time, singing, arts and crafts, outdoor adventures, and more!
    • Focus on All Areas of Development: The EYFS framework covers seven key areas of learning that are crucial for your child’s development [1]:
        • Communication and Language
        • Physical Development
        • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
        • Literacy
        • Mathematics
        • Understanding the World
      • Expressive Arts and Design Our experienced staff will design activities and experiences that cater to all these areas, ensuring your child develops a well-rounded foundation for future learning.
    • Play-Based Learning: The EYFS recognises the importance of play in early childhood education [1]. Through play, children develop essential skills like problem-solving, creativity, social interaction, and language development. At Bambooh, we provide ample opportunities for children to play freely and explore their interests.
    • Individualised Learning: We understand that every child learns and develops at their own pace. Our staff will observe and assess your child’s individual needs and strengths to tailor activities and learning experiences to their development stage.

By following the EYFS framework, we ensure that your child receives a high-quality education that lays the groundwork for future success in school and beyond. If you’d like to learn more about the specific learning objectives within each area of the EYFS framework, feel free to ask a member of our staff – we’re happy to share!

Official Link:

10:30 | Free play

After the Play Rotation, adult led phase we move into Free Play as we prepare for lunch. 

11:30 | Lunch

After a brief toilet and hygiene break, we sit down for lunch where key persons discuss the importance of healthy eating. We sign the bambooh Thank You Song in gratitude for the food we’re about to enjoy.

11:50 | Nap Time

After lunch and washing up we start preparing for nap and relaxing time. At bambooh we follow the strong evidence on the importance of sleep for memory consolidation and development.

14:00 | Snack Time

After a gentle wake up and hygiene break we sit down for a yummy snack to recover sugar levels and fuel ourselves for fun in free play.

14:15 | Free Play

From here on it’s all play and discovery. During this time our team exercise Active Observation (TOMP) which requires them to assess their children’s develpment.

17:00 | Dinner Time

This is when things start winding down and we prepare for home time.

17:30 | Unwind

After getting packed and prepped, relaxing and appropriate content is played on our projectors as we get ready to end another amazing day of play.

A toddler in our daycare and early years academies drawing and enjoying fun early years activitites

The Famly App

Staying connected and informed is easy at bambooh!

We use Famly, a secure online platform, as our main channel for communication and information sharing. Through Famly, you’ll receive daily updates on your child’s activities, meals, and nap times. You can also use Famly to message staff directly, share photos and milestones from home, and view important nursery announcements – all in one convenient place.

The faces of bambooh

Your Middleton Cheney Team

Meet Jazz, our nursery manager and longest serviing bambooh Adventurneer.

Meet Jazz

General Manager

Your vital member of the family who helps keep our bambooh Academies running smoothly. As the bridge between management and the team, she’s an all-around superstar you’ll see popping in and out, lending a hand wherever needed.

Meet Leigh Ann, our bambooh baby room leader with a Level 3 qualification.

Meet Leigh-Ann

Deputy Manager

Your Baby Room Adventuneer with a Level 3 qualification. Leigh-Ann constantly inspires us through her hard work and commitment to her families and children. No challenge is too big or too small – including nappies changes (!)

Meet Haxa, an assistant at bambooh.

Meet Haxhire


Your dynamic and never-say-never professional qualified as a mid-wife and peadiatriuc nurse, Haxa inspires a commitment to well-being among her children and team members.

Our We Teach Better logo

Casey, joining soon…


Soon to join, your bambooh Team will grow by welcoming an exciting new early years educator talent.

Your Hook Norton Team

Meet Charlotte

Meet Charlotte

Deputy Manager

A local favourite and early years star, your Hooky Deputy Manager continues to passionately serve the Hooky community. She approaches her role with a playful spirit and a strong sense of responsibility to the little ones in her care

Meet Faith, our assistant and bambooh nursery in Hook Norton.

Meet Faith


Your baby room assistant, Faith brings bags of natural talent for early years development and an infectious work ethic. One would never guess that Faith doesn’t have at least a decade of experience in the early years field.

Meet Gemma, our. bambooh Hooky Level 3 with Level 4 S.E.N

Meet Gemma

Room Leader

Gemma is your Level 4 SENCO Adventuneer who imparts a loving energy to her room, coupled with her extensive expertise in early years development. She is reliable member of the team and it’s so cool to have her part of the team.

Our We Teach Better logo

Isla, joining soon…


Soon to join, your bambooh Team will grow by welcoming an exciting new early years educator talent.

Your Bicester Team

Our We Teach Better logo

Offer Made!

Deputy Manager

Soon to join, your bambooh Team will grow by welcoming an exciting and exoerienced new early years educator talent.

Our We Teach Better logo

Offer Accepted!

Level 3

Soon to join, your bambooh Team will grow by welcoming an exciting early years educator talent.

Our We Teach Better logo

Offer Accepted!


Soon to join, your bambooh Team will grow by welcoming an exciting new early years educator talent.

Our We Teach Better logo



Soon to join, your bambooh Team will grow by welcoming an exciting new early years educator talent.

The Ko-Fi Program

The first three years are crucial for shaping a child’s future. At bambooh, we understand this, which is why we like to go the extra mile with our dedicated and passionate early years team.

Through our bambooh Ko-Fi program, you can directly support our early years team with a small donation. Every contribution, no matter the size, lets them know how much you value their hard work and dedication.

Bb&you Ssmalllogowhite

As a bambooh parent, you clearly want the best for your child’s success.

Our Neuroscience for Parenting Program and resources help make it easier, and best of all, it’s free of charge to all our bambooh Families.

Request your exclusive bambooh Parent Free access coupon code.

The Neuroscience for Parenting Logo

You will have access to brain-science-based informative video series’ that are super simple to understand and supplemented by body scans, charts, and even some soothing tunes – everything to help you be an imperfect parent with endless growth potential.

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