Our bambooh® iii’s

Welcome to our bambooh® explainer page for the bambooh® iii’s poster. Thank you for taking the time and interest to dig a little deeper into what we mean by our three i’s.

What is your intent?

What is the purpose of what you are doing?

For example in our bambooh® Intent we intend for every bambooh® child to reach their fullest potential.

This is our purpose and the reason we get out of bed every morning.

How will you implement your intent?

How will you activate and put your intent into action?

This is where you set out how you will take action to achieve and exceed the plans you’ve developed in setting out your intent.

Ensure this is realistic and achievable whilst at the same time pushing yourself to achieve excellence.

For example in our bambooh® Intent we will implement our intent by embedding a growth mindset through stimulating and challenging activities and education surrounded by a safe, loving and supportive environment.



What impact do you expect from implementing your intent?

For example in our bambooh® Intent we expect the impact to result in a sound foundation upon which our bambooh® children can build a life motivated to challenge themselves to strive to be and do better constantly.

*Top Tip: Start with the impact when you’re planning your own 3 i’s. It may sound counter intuitive but you’re better off setting off on a journey knowing where you are going or what you’re aiming at.

And remember bambooh® Adventuneer, school must be an adventure and what happens in early years lasts a lifetime.


Now go change the world!