bambooh Effective Teaching and Learning Protocol

Challenge and Thinking Critically

Does the activity promote:
  • Development of own ideas, make links between different ideas and develop strategies for doing this?
  • Are the activities appropriately challenging? 
  • What will the next step be? 
  • How will you encourage growth mindset? 


Does the activity promote:

Novel learning and the ability to use what they learned during free play, in other words can they apply what they’ve learned – appropriately – in the real world?

Question your activity:
  • Is your activity informative?
  • What new thing will my bambooh children learn?
  • What upcoming activities can I put in place to enable my bambooh children to apply what they’ve learned?
  • What can I do to enhance and reinforce what we’ve learned through the rest of the day?

Basic Concepts and Theme

Does the activity promote:

Repetition of the basic concepts within the theme?

Question your activity:

Have you used all the Basic Concepts in your activity?

Active Learning

Does the activity promote:

The opportunity to concentrate, hold your bambooh children’s attention through stimulating and novel content, and allow for enjoyable achievements?

Question your activity:
  • Is the activity fun, really fun?
  • Is it age appropriate?
  • Does it maximise all the resources available to you?
  • What can I add to make it even better?

Playing and Exploring

Does the activity Promote:

A wide scope and freedom to experiment and explore through spontaneous play?

Question your activity:
  • Does it promote a “have a go” attitude?
  • Is your activity interactive?
  • Is the activity interesting and new?
  • What can I add to this activity to make it even better?