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Welcome to bambooh Early Years Academies

bambooh‘s Intent

We intend for every child at bambooh Early Years Academies to reach their fullest genetic potential by embedding a growth mindset through stimulating, challenging activities and education surrounded by a safe, loving, and supportive environment.

By doing so, we, as bambooh Adventuneers set a sound foundation upon which our bambooh children can build a life motivated to challenge themselves to strive to be and do better constantly.

bambooh families feedback…

A star that is commonly used as a symbol to celebrate excellent early years activity and development achievement.

Tasca S.

“Having to send my son to nursery was a difficult decision. I struggled with it until we became part of the bambooh experience and family. No regrets and – if you can find a space – highly recommend.”

A star at an angle that is commonly used as a symbol to celebrate excellent early years activity and development achievement.

Holly K.

“Fantastic Nursery and Wrap Around Care. Our children love it there and all the staff are truly wonderful.”

Another star that is commonly used as a symbol to celebrate excellent early years activity and development achievement.

Emily W.

“We’re really pleased with the nursery, all the staff are lovely and its obvious our child enjoys being there! We love the setting and the fact its not too big / not too small. I highly recommend it!

What’s included?

In addition to Quality Early Years Development and Beautiful Natural and Safe Settings, we also include in our full hourly rate:

  • Nutritious Breakfast
  • Freshly Prepared Lunch
  • Yummy Afternoon Snack
  • Light Tea at 5 pm
  • Hydrating Electrolytes
  • Nappies
  • Wet wipes
  • Bum cream
  • Quarterly Milestone Reporting
  • And more soon

*These extras are included in our normal charge for full day care of £8.80 per hour. You may be eligible for 15 to 30 hours of free childcare per week, depending on your circumstances but it excludes these extras. Please contact us for more information.

Early Years Development

Your child’s development will be built on a sound foundation of 35 years hands-on early years development experience. Part of what sets us apart is ‘The bambooh Way’, our very own tried and tested development protocol which places your child’s potential at the centre of everything we do.

Safe Environments

One of our core values is to not compromise on our bambooh kids’ safety and special spaces. We believe behaviour is influenced by environment so you’ll find settings that promote security, where both teacher and children brim with excitement to learn, discover and play, every day.

Healthy Body and Mind

It’s wisdom as old as the mountains; a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. We believe you can’t get away from the fact that quality of nutrition is linked to enhanced development in our bambooh kids.

bambooh Adventuneers


Trudi is our amazing co-founder and director who has a passion for teaching and nurturing young minds.

She has over 40 years of experience in education, helping children from the squatter camps in South Africa to the lush villages of England. She has helped hundreds of children grow and thrive in our bambooh Early Years Academies. Even though she’s a director, Trudi is still hands-on and active in the classroom, leading, inspiring and transferring her skills to the next generation of bambooh Adventuneers. 


Milé is our wonderful ops director who keeps everything running smoothly for our families and team.

She is a great organiser and leader and a playful and caring Adventuneer who, apart from running multiple sites, still loves to be hands-on by learning and playing with her bambooh children. She is the daughter of Trudi, our co-founder and director, and she shares her mother’s passion for early years development. Milé carries a passion for early years development in her genes. 


Jazz is our super Manager and a S.E.N.D qualified Adventuneer who has served our bambooh families for over 3 years.

She is a pro at creating fun and memorable learning experiences and a crafty quilter! She is always eager to learn new things and explore growth mindset possibilities, which makes her a great leader and an all-around wonderful person. Her leadership style is to inspire and motivate through leading by example, taking action and finding solutions.


Leigh-Ann has been with us for nearly 2 years and is a bambooh Adventuneering rock star!

Leigh-Ann constantly inspires us through her hard work and commitment to her families and children. No challenge is too big or too small – including nappies changes (!) We adore her can-do attitude and grit, and so does her group. She takes on a growth mindset with a broad smile and warmth as she strives daily to build a better tomorrow for her children because she understands that early years shape all years!


A local favourite and early years star, Charlotte continues to passionately serve the Hooky community.

Charlotte brings a bundle of joy and years of expertise to the world of early childhood development, serving the Hook Norton community through her fantastic work. Always ready to take on any challenge with a beaming smile, she approaches her role with a playful spirit and a strong sense of responsibility to the little ones in her care. Her love for what she does shows in the amazing outcomes of the children.


With bags of natural talent for early years development, Faith brings an infectious work ethic to the family.

Judging by the impressive outcomes she achieves with the bambooh children in her care, one would never guess that Faith doesn’t have at least a decade of experience in the early years field. She clearly wholeheartedly shares our belief that the foundation laid in early years shapes all years, and she embraces the responsibility to contribute toward making those formative years a little brighter.

Bb Gemma2 Kofi


Loved by all the Hooky children, Gemma beams with warmth and positivity.

Gemma holds a Level 4 SENCO and imparts a loving energy to her room, coupled with her extensive expertise in early years development. Her unwavering dedication to families and the children in her care is evident in the thoughtful preparation of engaging activities, ensuring a delightful and enriching experience for all. She is stable and reliable member of the team and it’s so cool to have her part of the team.

Our early years practitioner Gemma's QR code
Our early years practitioner Haxa's profile photo


Energetic and vibrant, Haxa enriches the team with a passion for health, fitness.

Her dynamic and never say never approach inspires a commitment to well-being among her children and team members. Along with a superb work ethic and punctuality, Haxa brings a diverse skill set, contributing to strategic planning and problem solving. Overall, Haxa’s enthusiasm and versatile skills makes her a valuable asset to the bambooh team and the children in her care. . 

Haxa Kofi Qr


Could you see yourself joining our fantastic bambooh Adventuneering Team?

It’s hard but important work that we do here at bambooh Day Nurseries because the early years of our children’s development shape all their future years. At bambooh, we’re not just providing a daycare service, we’re helping to shape a better and brighter future for every child that walks through our gates. If you believe you have what it takes to make tomorrow a little bit better, check out our jobs page.


Middleton Cheney

Playing and growing since 2018

.10 to 2 years

9 spaces are this full…

  • Monday 70% 70%
  • Tuesday 85% 85%
  • Wednesday 85% 85%
  • Thursday 85% 85%
  • Friday 70% 70%

2 to 3 years

12 spaces are this full…

  • Monday 60% 60%
  • Tuesday 75% 75%
  • Wednesday 85% 85%
  • Thursday 85% 85%
  • Friday 45% 45%

3 to 4 years

8 spaces are this full…

  • Monday 75% 75%
  • Tuesday 63% 63%
  • Wednesday 90% 90%
  • Thursday 90% 90%
  • Friday 63% 63%

Hellooo, Hooky!

.10 to 2 years

9 spaces are already this full…

  • Monday 70% 70%
  • Tuesday 85% 85%
  • Wednesday 85% 85%
  • Thursday 85% 85%
  • Friday 60% 60%

2 to 3 years

18 spaces are already this full…

  • Monday 50% 50%
  • Tuesday 70% 70%
  • Wednesday 70% 70%
  • Thursday 60% 60%
  • Friday 30% 30%

3 to 4 years

8 spaces are already this full…

  • Monday 50% 50%
  • Tuesday 60% 60%
  • Wednesday 60% 60%
  • Thursday 45% 45%
  • Friday 15% 15%

Coming soon, Bicester!

*Opening March 2024 (Ofsted registration pending)

.10 to 2 years

9 spaces are this full…

  • Monday 65% 65%
  • Tuesday 80% 80%
  • Wednesday 90% 90%
  • Thursday 90% 90%
  • Friday 65% 65%

2 to 3 years

18 spaces are this full…

  • Monday 0% 0%
  • Tuesday 0% 0%
  • Wednesday 0% 0%
  • Thursday 0% 0%
  • Friday 0% 0%

3 to 4 years

8 spaces are this full…

  • Monday 0% 0%
  • Tuesday 0% 0%
  • Wednesday 0% 0%
  • Thursday 0% 0%
  • Friday 0% 0%
The Neuroscience for Parenting Logo

As a parent, you naturally want the best for your child’s future success. Our Neuroscience for Parenting Program and resources help make it easier.

We’ve got brain-science-based informative video series’ that are super simple to understand and supplemented by body scans, charts, and even some soothing tunes – everything to help you be an imperfect parent with endless growth potential.

Our Mission

An image of our bambooh Day Nurseries Mission

Our Day Nursery Gallery

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.”

bambooh Blog

Sleep, it’s Serious

Sleep, it’s Serious

If it sounds like I am scaremongering, good... We live in an incredible time of technological advancement where our modern lifestyle has seen us enjoy luxuries and comforts that would astound anyone from 200 years ago. One significant technological advancement is...

Parenting Stress

Parenting Stress

Mum, you were right! (Again)   Neuroscience has given us scientific proof of something every mother instinctively knows: a deep, special connection between a mother and her child. Even more amazing is that this bond is reflected in a synchronisation(!) between...

Screen time

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Contact Details

General enquiries: hello@bambooh.education

Where to find us:

Middleton Cheney

Call or message us: 07961 725 413

*Exact location : What3Words

25 Church Lane
Middleton Cheney
OX17 2NS

Hook Norton

Call or message: 07359 663 559

*Exact location : What3Words

The Old School
Osney Cl
Hook Norton
OX15 5QH


*Ofsted Registration Pending

*Exact location : What3Words

Hendon Pl
Sunderland Dr
OX26 4YJ

Apply to reserve your space today!

Opening hours:

Nursery Schools: 08:00 – 18:00
Breakfast Club: 08:00 – 09:00
After School: 15:00 – 18:00
Monday to Friday
*Closed for public holidays and Christmas


If you’ve come this far you’ll most likely have more questions so please check out our answers to the most frequesnt questions we receive.

How do I book a space?

Call us on 01295 710212 or email hello@bambooh.education. If you prefer a more digital approach sign up using our online application form. Please note that there is a £100 administrative fee.

Do you offer funded places?

Yup. We offer funded places for eligible children for 15 – 30 hours of government-funded childcare. Get in touch to find out about availability.

What should I send with me child on their first day at bambooh?

It’s always a nervous but exciting day, the first day at bambooh. To make things go a bit more smoothly we ask that you send your bambooh child to school with:

  • A strong, good quality named bag.
  • A change of clothes including [and depending of the weather] waterproofs, wellies, sunscreen and hats – oh and remember to label.
  • We love to send our bambooh kids home refreshed so please pack a hairbrush.
  • If your bambooh kid depends on important medication such as an EpiPen please do send it along.

Schemes, vouchers and funding?

We accept the following:

2. Childcare Vouchers

Are the bambooh Team Members' DBS cleared and checked?

Absolutely. We also ensure all our team members have their DBS renewed every 24 months.

What are the bambooh ratios?

The ratios are outlined and set by Early Years Founbation stage and are:

  • 0 to 2 will have 1 adult looking after up to 3 children
  • 2 to 3 will have 1 adult looking after up to 4 children
  • over 3 will have 1 adult looking after up to 8 children

Is the bambooh team First Aid trained?

Yes. There is no compromise in the safety and wellbeing of our bambooh kids so the bambooh team will always have a First Aid trained member ready for any eventuality.

How do staff help my bambooh child to sleep?

We start with you bambooh child’s environment by lowering the light exposure, playing slow wave music and queting everything down. Once you child lies down on their comfy mattress the bambooh team sits with them and applies gentle pressure on their backs rubbing slowly to release all those lovely sleepy brain chemicals.

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